The Ripple Effect – Week 5

God gives eternal CHOICES, and these choices have eternal CONSEQUENCES. Message from text: Luke 23:32-43 One good choice for ETERNITY offsets  a thousand bad […]

The Ripple Effect – Week 4

KING DAVID’S CONSEQUENCES “There will be constant WAR all the days of your reign.” “Your OWN WIVES WILL BE RAPED in broad […]

The Ripple Effect – Week 3

“From the SCARLET letter to the SCARLET ladder!” RAHAB – Joshua 2:1-7 Rahab’s faith led to ACTION… Her decision to act grew out of […]

The Ripple Effect – Week 2

When we stop making choices in God’s direction, all that is left is to make choices in the wrong direction… […]

The Ripple Effect – Week 1

The choices you make today are going to effect you for the rest of your life… There are GOOD decisions… There […]