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Why Easter: What’s All The Excitement About?
Ordination: Shepherding the Flock
The Outbreak Series
Pick-Up or Pro: Finding Your Place in the GAME!

IlluminationIllumination: Shining a light on our identity in Christ

The Old  YouThe Old You

Crushed A Story of ChristmasCrushed: A Story of Christmas

The Grace of GivingThe Grace of Giving


Defined PrayerDefined Prayer

Grave RobberGrave Robber

The KingdomThe Kingdom

Shadows of the CrossShadows of the Cross

Ghostly EncountersGhostly Encounters

What If...What If… New Year 2018

Christmas: A Family Affair

Fourth Anniversary Celebration

3 Circles: Turning Everyday Conversations Into Gospel Conversations

My Skin – Racial Reconciliation

Virtual Reality: Experiencing God in Real TImeVirtual Reality: Experiencing God in Real Time

Messy: Loving Others isn’t Easy!

You Are: Your Identity in Christ

I AM bannerI AM: Jesus in the Gospel of John

Own the Vision – 2017

Chase the Lion – 2017

Ok God... in 2017... WHATEVER!New Years Day – “Ok God… in 2017… WHATEVER!”

the-glory-of-christmasThe Glory of Christmas – 2016

nehemiah-risky-business-1Nehemiah: Risky Business – 2016

battle-plan-hero-699x200The Battle Plan for Prayer – 2016

heart-of-worship2-1024x768The Heart of Worship – 2016

4thdimension-1024x6704th Dimension: Spiritual Warfare – 2016

se7en-corevalues-1-1024x640Se7en: Unleashing Our Core Values – 2016

screen-shot-2016-03-08-at-10-45-37-amCrossfade: Easter Sunday – 2016

the-ripple-effectThe Ripple Effect – 2016

screen-shot-2016-01-06-at-5-22-16-pm-1024x551Contagious Forgiveness – 2016

7thhouseWhat the heck is an Epiphany? or “When the Moon is in the 7th House” – 2016

screen-shot-2015-12-24-at-5-40-45-pmA Baby Changes Everything – Christmas Message – 2015

the-gospel-truthThe Gospel Truth – 2016

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