The Approval Trap – The Search – Week 3

The Approval Trap: “I have to be approved by certain others in order to feel good about myself” We love being affirmed and applauded, but watch out because it can be your idol. Whenever you define yourself by your possessions, it always leads to disappointment.

Satan’s lie says: “please like me so that I can like myself”


  • Giving in to peer pressure
  • the inability to give or receive love

Responses to fear of rejection:

  • isolation
  • anger, resentment and hostility
  • being easily manipulated
  • co-dependence
  • control
  • depression
  • replaying negative messages

God’s Solution: Reconciliation.  Those who were enemies have become friends. God’s reconciliation does not depend on the faithfulness of both parties. It only depends on the faithfulness of God. Collosians 1:15-end, 2 Cor 5:17-18

Whose acceptance do we value more? Others’ or God’s?

OUTBREAK CHURCH ~ January 18, 2015 ~ “The Search” ~ Week 3 ~ The APPROVAL Trap