Week 5: Special Delivery. To: You, From: Peter

Pastor Scott brings an insightful message from 1 Peter chapter 2 that challenges us to accept the calling of Jesus, to be witnesses to people around us, and to be involved in the lives of the people we infect with the Gospel of Grace.

  1. Stand up – to the calling.
  2. Stand out – to our friends.
  3. Step in – to their lives.


  • Our hope is focused on Jesus and our hope is founded in His resurrection.
  • God is just as concerned about our conduct as our conversation.
  • The Great Commission is our mandate to share the gospel.
  • Being counter-cultural is not the goal, it is the result of following Christ.

OUTBREAK CHURCH ~ September 14, 2014 ~ SPECIAL DELIVERY To: You, From: Peter ~ Week 5 ~ 1 Peter 2:12