God is Great; God is Good, Let us thank him for…

These words that we prayed so often as children (and many of us still repeat as parents and grandparents) pack a powerful punch! They are not a cliché children’s rhyme but the resounding affirmation of God’s character revealed to His people. As the Word became flesh, God’s Goodness and Greatness walked among us and lives in and through us today. I trust as we have journeyed through psalms and discovered that Jesus is the main focus of them, you’ll be able to sing with the psalmists the recurring theme that God is truly GREAT and God is truly GOOD. Whether we are singing the blues or dancing the night away in joy, this resounding chorus floods us with comfort and encouragement.

Last week we looked at what it means to “cover” a song. I hope you have been “covering” Psalm 16 every day! This week we’ll be looking at Psalm 22. You’ll recognize the tune immediately… we sing it so often!

Remember… the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of the Baby was penned in so many of the Psalms… Let’s sing in the season this year as with and give HIM Glory in the Highest!